Sometimes, people f up. Maybe I can somehow learn from this.


2 biscotti with butter
2.5 atkins bars
protein shake
2 chicken patties
1 burger with half the bun
handful of fries
2 vanilla/choc soft serve ice cream cones
2 scoops of coffee ice cream w/ whipped cream
plate of scrambled eggs & 2 strips of bacon
half a brownie
slice of plain pizza
piece of potato/sausage fritatta
stalk of celery
2 cuts of grilled chicken
some cucumber slices w/ bleu cheese dressing
few forkfulls of steamed spinach
cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows
cup of chocolate milk
handful of kettle chips

I am not even going to count the calories. Yep, problematic.

40 mins elliptical on resistance 15
7 mins stairmaster