I cannot believe I forgot to update for a few days.  Need to do better with food. Had a good workout yesterday.

workout yesterday:

elliptical 30 min resistance 15 @ 8:45 min pace
bench press to failure @ 65 lbs then 90 lbs (did not count reps)
Assisted dips and pull ups to failure
leg press to failure
cable for biceps @ 60 lbs to failure
chest/pec fly to failure (Do not know weight because the machine is unmarked. Had it on the 3rd weight.)
40 squats (unweighted)
ran 5k as fast as I could outside.

I feel sore in a good way today.

food yesterday:

Coffee with milk
small bowl of scrambled eggs with cream cheese
salad (romaine lettuce, a hard boiled egg, some olives, cold cuts, and cheese with vinaigrette dressing)
1 atkins bar
salad (similar to above but no cheese and substitute chicken for cold cuts and egg)
few bites of bbq pulled pork
bowl of broth

drank in the evening and snacked on some tortilla chips and spinach dip. bad, bad.

This brings me to a point on lifestyle changes.  If I want to accomplish my goals (in all areas – health, academic, etc..) then I cannot go out at night anymore.  At all. The end. That is just the way it is. I will go to specific events like movies or dinner or lectures or concerts or meet up to do homework, but not just go out without a purpose. It does not fit in with  my life anymore and I am constantly having to make excuses and allowances for things. This just does not sit right with me. I want to be happy with the things I am doing, not have to make excuses for why I am doing them. So that is that, last night was the last and it is time to completely be the person I want to be.