…for having this blog:

I need to track what I eat or I eat too much. I will also be keeping track of my exercise. Plain and simple. I am not advocating any sort of extreme long term calorie restriction and this should by no means be a model for anyone, I just need to keep myself in check.  For now, my daily allotment of calories is 1,300 because I recently gained a lot of weight that I would rather lose.


Breakfast (9:30 am)
scrambled eggs 210
chocolate soymilk 140
coffee w/ half and half 80

Lunch (2:00 pm)
salad containing…
lettuce 10
green peppers 30
cucumber 40
scoop of tuna salad 300
2 hard boiled eggs 140
cherry tomatoes 25
olives 25
mayonnaise 50
vinegar 0

burger without bun 250

All of this is exactly 1300, meaning I am done eating for the day.  I can have water though of course.  I learned the lesson today not to eat too much for lunch and not to waste calories on things such as soymilk.  Additionally, tuna salad is very high in calories so I could have had something else such as grilled chicken, and had more for the same amount of calories.


30 minutes elliptical on resistance 15 for a total of about 3 miles and 340 calories (or so the machine said).

Additional notes:

I do not believe that 3 meals per day or 3 meals a day and 2 snacks etc is necessary for me.  I view calories as something that can be consumed up to a certain amount per day, and once the allotment is filled that is it (if one is trying to lose weight, which I am).  Today I messed up and had too much for lunch.  I will likely be hungry later and that is just something I will have to deal with by ignoring it and not eating anyway.  There’s always black coffee and water.

Also, as can probably be observed, I stay away from grains. They make me sick and also bloated. I may have some sort of gluten intolerance. I consume my carbohydrates from other sources such as vegetables. I also would like to try staying away from dairy because it causes inflammation.

Being strict with myself now will make me happier later. When I am not strict with myself I make such poor food choices in such large quantities that I immediately feel sick and balloon and this simply cannot happen as I need to concentrate on other areas of my life.